Communication is key

The art of communication is key in everything we do in life and is one of the single most important skill of our species. It allows us to order food at a restaurant when hungry, tell a lover how we feel or even voice disgust when not happy with something or someone.

There are many different types of communication and different places to communicate. Not to mention there are as many different people to communicate those ideas and thoughts to as well.

There are many articles on the internet about what constitutes effective communication and ways to improve it.

Communication is not just relevant in the working environment only or for politicians trying to campaign for your votes or even lecturers teaching their students the most important aspect of a subject.

So where am I going with all this you must be thinking?

For an entrepeneur communication is a vital and key component for his or her survival and success in the long run.

This is because any good (or even bad for that matter) idea needs to be communicated verbally to co-founders, investors, customers (whoever they may be), other relevant people and even family members who simply want to know what you are working on.

An entrepeneur is expected to be able to communicate his business proposition, concept, idea simply without any confusion and this requires firstly, for them to understand what it is they are working on or with before they can even explain that to anyone else.

Thats why there is the 60 second pitch or even the 140 character limit of explaining themselves.

Brevity is indeed an art and skill that very few possess and even fewer master – including myself.

For that sake I shall not be digressing any further here on on any other future blog posts (c.f. the first post to understand what I am getting at).