About London Tech Startup

London Tech Startup (LTS) is a new, innovative blog devoted to telling the journey and story of two London entrepreneurs. It will do that by narrating in a very funny but informative style, the anecdotal situations/scenarios they encounter on this path of theirs.

This blog will also provide analysis, opinions and link to the latest news in the areas of digital revolution, technology, cyber security, disruption, internet of things (iot), cloud computing, compliance/regulation, big data, analytics, user interface/user experience (UI/UX), crypto technology amongst other things.

It will provide a fresh and honest look at what it takes to try and set up a startup in London today, which in recent years has gone through some sort of revolution with the advent of the Shoreditch Roundabout and there seems to be a overall shift in the air with promises from the current Conservative Government of David Cameron, who are trying to avail hundreds of millions of sterling to new innovative cyber security companies.

This change in the ecosystem in turn gives a great opportunity for forward thinking, passionate individuals to come up with solutions to age old problems in all sectors of the economy, as the 21st century spells the entrance of the New World. No longer will the old ways of doing things will suffice, as new technologies develops further.

It would seem that the London, and the UK in general, is finally learning from some of the positive cultural influence of the US, and Silicon Valley specifically, and we hope this represents a changing tide in the British mentality and psyche with regards to starting up their own businesses of the future.

If this blog does nothing other than to serve to inspire and intrigue both young and old, male and female individuals, to get up and create something positive with the potential hope of leaving a lasting legacy to future generations, then this blog has achieved in its primary goals and objectives.